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Turning The Page for Local Business

It’s Time for Online Marketing Spring Cleaning

It was official as of March 20, but with the weather finally cooperating and bringing warm temperatures, it now feels real: it is spring, which means it is time for spring cleaning.

Sure, this should include tidying up your home and even brightening up your office, but when it comes to small businesses, spring cleaning must also entail examining and adjusting your online marketing strategy.


Establish a Great Workplace Culture

A great workplace culture draws talent in. It encourages its employees to be their very best each and every day. A great workplace culture gets people excited about the work that they are doing.


Tailoring Your Marketing Strategy to the Pinterest Demographic

According to the latest tally, there are 70 million users on Pinterest. If you want your business to do well on Pinterest, your marketing strategy needs to include specifically targeting the types of people most commonly found on the site.


Four Benefits of Call Tracking For Sales & Marketing

The key to marketing success is creating an optimized campaign, pair it with a unique phone number and start tracking the calls that come in as a result of your sales & marketing efforts.


Pinterest: A Powerful Influencer in Marketing

Not only is Pinterest gaining ground as a social media marketing site, it serves as inspiration for its users by giving them a place to share ideas, recipes, and photos.


Social Marketing: Benefits of Facebook

From its paid advertisements to its company pages, Facebook offers businesses of all types the exposure that they need to succeed.


Using Twitter for Business

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest aren’t just for personal use anymore. Smart business owners are now also using these social media sites to gain an advantage over their competition. Are you unsure whether your business should be on Twitter or not? Consider these five benefits that Twitter can bring your business.


Online Marketing for Small Business: What is SEO Anyway?

You will hear a lot of talk about SEO on our blog because we’re online marketing aficionados. This stuff is not just our job — it is our passion. It is what we think about at night. It is the topic that occupies a piece of our minds day in, day out, like a continuously-running ticker tape — What will change next in the world of SEO? How can we adapt our practices to anticipate these changes? How can we adjust SEO strategies to generate the best results for our clients?

In all the flurry of SEO-related thoughts that fly through our brains, we sometimes forget to take a step back and consider SEO from the standpoint of a small business owner. Though well-versed in their respective industries — whether they be lawn and garden experts, health club owners, or attorneys — a small business owner will not know the ins and outs of SEO like we do.


What Are the Best Email Marketing Practices?

Email marketing has become an instrumental tool for small and large businesses everywhere. Getting customers to sign up is easy. However, if you do not want consumers pressing the dreaded Unsubscribe button, you will need to employ some basic email marketing practices.


Why Does Your Company Need a Business Blog?

Whether your business is flourishing or it is stagnant, the integration of a blog on your company website could work wonders.