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Interaction Techniques for Your Site

Every website must have a purpose. When visitors come to your site, you want there to be an outcome from the visit. Whether it’s commenting on a blog article, submitting a contact form, or buying a product, you want engagement in some way on your website. It makes no sense to throw a bunch of pictures and text online and tell everyone to check out your website. That’s like inviting everyone over to your house to watch your dog take a dump. That’s boring, and who wants to watch an animal crap anyway (unless it’s this kind of crap)? But, if you don’t give something of value to offer you won’t get something of value.

Here are a few techniques that every website should have so you’re not exchanging your visitor’s time for the value of your dog’s crap.

web of website interaction concepts

Ask questions

One way to do that is ask questions. If you’re a company that offers a service, ask questions on your site that many of your customers ask you. Then, instead of answering that question on the site, point them to a contact form or contact number.

Make it easy for them

Whatever you’re wanting the visitor to do, have it accessible with no more than one click. The average online surfer spends less than thirty seconds on a single website. Think about it. When you’re surfing the internet, you bounce all around from one page to another. Very seldom do you actually stay on a site for very long. So if you don’t make it easy for them to engage with you somehow,you’ve lost them. Make it obvious what you want them to do and make it easy for them to do it. Remember, no more than one click.

Get their information

Maybe a visitor is not ready to totally commit to your product or service just yet, but if they leave your site, chances are they’ll never return. So make it easy for them to remember you. Have them like your Facebook page, follow you on twitter, or subscribe to your newsletter and blog. It’s called permission based marketing. You’re getting permission to remind them of the awesome
product or service you offer. Usually you’ll have to offer something for free like a free consultation or trial offer in order to get their attention. But it will totally be worth it when they finally do get over their commitment issues and buy what you’re offering them.

With those simple techniques you’ll see an major increase in interaction on your site. I guarantee it. Not only will you be seeing more interaction on your site, but you’ll be saving that animal website of yours from the embarrassment of public defecation charges. I heard it’s illegal in some states.