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Search Engines: Beginners Guide – Part 1

It’s no secret; at Turn The Page Online Marketing, we are a bunch of nerds. We have a long standing rivalry of Apple vs Android. Our sales team has Stormtroopers. We communicate via Google chat, while sitting in the same room with each other. And I bet you right now, on a beautiful and sunny afternoon, I am not the only one sitting in front of a computer working. Or thinking about working.

Guard Your Privates! Google’s At It Again!

When Google debuted way back in the Dark Ages of 1998 their motto was “Do no evil”. Now it seems it’s changed to “Bwaa aah aah aah!” as they continue to occupy more and more of the digital space.

Search Localization

Google has been working on search localization for years. It has been a major priority for the search engine to promote local search results. Now it is producing results. The change is driven by the increasing consumer demand (mobile search) for something close by and familiar. For an increasing number of consumers there is a […]

Mobilizing Local Search

It is important for local business owners and executives to correctly position their business for local search. There is a rush to take advantage of the opening local search provides by bigger companies looking to charge money for positioning that is not always ideal.

Bing Business Listing Upgrade

Bing is playing catch up with Google and received a boost from its close relationship with Facebook. The Bing Business Portal has a new look and feel with great additional benefits for local business. You simply have to claim and verify your business location.