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It’s Time for Online Marketing Spring Cleaning

It was official as of March 20, but with the weather finally cooperating and bringing warm temperatures, it now feels real: it is spring, which means it is time for spring cleaning.

Sure, this should include tidying up your home and even brightening up your office, but when it comes to small businesses, spring cleaning must also entail examining and adjusting your online marketing strategy.

Tailoring Your Marketing Strategy to the Pinterest Demographic

According to the latest tally, there are 70 million users on Pinterest. If you want your business to do well on Pinterest, your marketing strategy needs to include specifically targeting the types of people most commonly found on the site.

Using Twitter for Business

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest aren’t just for personal use anymore. Smart business owners are now also using these social media sites to gain an advantage over their competition. Are you unsure whether your business should be on Twitter or not? Consider these five benefits that Twitter can bring your business.

Why Does Your Company Need a Business Blog?

Whether your business is flourishing or it is stagnant, the integration of a blog on your company website could work wonders.

Why Do I Need to Hire a Web Developer?

If you are a small business owner, you probably do what you can to minimize your costs while maximizing profit. While this strategy can make sense when it comes to many aspects of your business, you should never cut corners to save money when it comes to your website.

Last week, we shared tips for knowing when it is time to get a new website for your small business. This week, we are focusing on why you should hire a web developer to help you build that new website or remodel your current plot of digital real estate.

But what is a web developer — and why are they so important when it comes to your website? We have the details below.

Don’t Waste it: How to Make the Most of Your Company’s Blog

So, you set up a blog for your business. You’re ready to start publishing posts, but how do you make sure this new blog is worth your time? Your blog can be more than a few updates posted every few months. When used correctly, your business blog can provide you with leads, teach customers, inform […]

Writing Your Hypothesis: Why You Should be Doing AB Testing on Your Website

Even if it is well-designed and fully-optimized, to ensure your continued success you should be thinking of ways to update your website. But thanks to the practically limitless number of variables on any website, it can be easier said than done to know what changes to make. How can you say for certain if adding more content to a page will boost conversions vs. adding a new landing page? It is time to measure the effectiveness of those variables through AB testing.

What a Website Can Do For You

A website is a valuable tool in your company’s toolbox. Why not show off those tools? A website is one of the first items that potential customers check when considering your company. Show them why to turn to you.

Hummingbird – What does it mean for your business?

The SEO world is Buzzing with Hummingbird. Improving your results from Online Marketing has changed irrevocably with Hummingbird. Embrace the change and understand that there is opportunity in change.

Website Hosting: How to Get a Sweet Bite of the Action

Website hosting services allow you to get a slice of the big, juicy apple that is the Internet. However, how big of a hunk or how sweet of a bite you get is dependent on the website hosting company you choose. When it comes to website hosting, not all pieces of the apple are sliced equally.