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How Studying Shakespeare Benefits Bloggers

Shakespeare wrote the most celebrated plays in the English language not because he sat down to create great art but because he had to pay bills. In this way, modern bloggers and content marketers are not such a far cry from Shakespeare. We make our living making words that speak to our audience and serve a purpose.

Why Does Your Company Need a Business Blog?

Whether your business is flourishing or it is stagnant, the integration of a blog on your company website could work wonders.

Don’t Waste it: How to Make the Most of Your Company’s Blog

So, you set up a blog for your business. You’re ready to start publishing posts, but how do you make sure this new blog is worth your time? Your blog can be more than a few updates posted every few months. When used correctly, your business blog can provide you with leads, teach customers, inform […]

Free Topic Generators Aid Bloggers

If you’re a professional writer, chances are there’s a huge demand for you to produce lots of riveting writing topics every work day. As online bloggers, this is a pressure we can identify with all too well. We understand that sometimes the hardest part of our job is creating an exciting topic, not writing the […]

A Digital Checklist for Start Ups

When launching your startup, you likely know you need a strong web presence but you’re lost on where to start. We’ve prioritized the steps you need to take while getting established:   Register a domain name. The next step after creating a name for your business should be registering the domain. Registering your domain is […]

6 Critical Benefits Of Blog Comments You Should Know About

Ever wondered why Blog comments are important? Here is why they are more than just an ego boost for the writer.

Are You Afraid Of Social Media?

Don’t let fear stop you from engaging customers on social media.

Content Marketing: Social Media

Thirteen tips for business on content marketing in the social media universe.

How About Four More Blogging Tips?

Blogging for your small business isn’t about advertising. It’s about customer outreach.

Share Your Blog With The Socialverse

Sharing your blog on social media sites is a great way to get your business noticed.