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The 5 Must-Haves Of A Design Consultation

So, you just bought a new website, logo or brochure for your company. You want it to look amazing and you might already have some ideas of how it should look in your head. Our suggestion? Remember that graphic designers are designers – not mind readers. (Although our graphics department does have many super powers […]

Social Media Guide for Business Part 5 of 5

YouTube, the videos sharing & viewing site and search engine, has become a major platform for business today. YouTube is for information……… are you providing it?

Don’t Kid Around With Social Media For Your Business

Don’t turn your business social media efforts over to someone just because they’re 25.

Share Your Blog With The Socialverse

Sharing your blog on social media sites is a great way to get your business noticed.

Business and Social Media

By now you have surely heard of a little website called, Facebook. Well maybe not so little these days but when I first heard of the site, it actually was little compared to what it is today. And very basic, and for students primarily, and my mom most definitely wasn’t a ‘friend’. What any business owner […]

Facebook etiquette

When we are communicating and interacting with people it’s important to identify your audience. Once you have done that then you can pick the type of etiquette that is most approperate. Even with Facebook there is etiquette. With Facebook it is personal more than it is business. That’s not saying you can’t do business on […]

Twitter Etiquette

I am a big fan of Emily Post’s Etiquette. The book is a wonderful guide in how to live your life with grace. Although it is difficult to follow all of the rules (some people are better than others) I strive to take the basic principles and use them as best I can. As an […]

The Brand Conundrum

Online reviews and social media provide a vast platform for feedback (both positive and negative) which will define a business brand.