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It’s Time for Online Marketing Spring Cleaning

It was official as of March 20, but with the weather finally cooperating and bringing warm temperatures, it now feels real: it is spring, which means it is time for spring cleaning.

Sure, this should include tidying up your home and even brightening up your office, but when it comes to small businesses, spring cleaning must also entail examining and adjusting your online marketing strategy.

Google + Local Takes Over Google Places

If you haven’t heard, we’ve recently said goodbye to Google Places and hello to Google Plus Local. At Turn the Page, we’ve anticipated this merge for months assuming that Google+ would become more relevant for local search. The time has come and we are busy making the most of these changes for our clients. Local […]

Your 2013 Online Marketing Plan Pt 1-Listings

After taking in four and a half years of data they found that there were over a quarter of a million visits from search engines vs about 3500 that came from their Yellow Pages ad.

4 Reasons Your Company Should Join Yahoo Local

Some online review sites make joining and claiming your business a thorough and time-consuming event. Yahoo Local understands that your time is precious, so they make their process extremely simple. Just add in some basic information, upload some photos, and you’re good to go.

Social Media Guide for Business Part 5 of 5

YouTube, the videos sharing & viewing site and search engine, has become a major platform for business today. YouTube is for information……… are you providing it?

Local Search Marketing for Law Firms

Local search should be a huge part of any small business marketing plan including Lawyers – Grow your business!

Google making life easier

Google keeps making things easier and easier, take the new feature in Google Places. At first you could upload pictures but sometimes when you are establishing your places page you aren’t on the computer where your pictures are stored on, so at than you have to go back at a later time to insert pictures. […]

Go North

I don’t want to be really stereotypical and say that as a women I am HORRIBLE with directions. I do have the gift that if I have been somewhere once I can typically get back there no problem. But the first visit can take me a bit. So as a girl please don’t tell me […]

Quick easy simple

A few months ago the Midwest was hit by a really bad hail storm, many people had severe hail damage. Before walking into a local business networking meeting I checked my Facebook to see if anything had happened since last time I checked (being honest that was most likely 5 min).  One of my facebook […]

Search Localization

Google has been working on search localization for years. It has been a major priority for the search engine to promote local search results. Now it is producing results. The change is driven by the increasing consumer demand (mobile search) for something close by and familiar. For an increasing number of consumers there is a […]