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Why Images Have a Place in Content Marketing

Using images as part of your content marketing strategy has its place in any well run campaign.

Our Online Marketing Predictions for 2013

What will happen to Online Marketing in 2013? Here is our take………………………

How Unique Should Content Be To Be Found?

Duplicate content can hurt your results in search engines. Be unique!

What’s In A Keyword?

Are you keyword savvy? Good use of keywords is essential to being found on the internet.

Your 2013 Online Marketing Plan Pt 3: Get In the Pool

Your social media efforts need attention in order to succeed.

Pay-Per-Click With A Little Content Goes A Long Way

Keep your pay-per-click costs down with good content. Yes it is true!

Add Video To Your Website And Add Customers

Adding video to your website is a good way to attract visitors and increase your rank in search.

Should Doctors Use Social Media to Attract Patients?

Advances in Medicine are common and Doctors always need to be aware of recent changes that benefit patients. Should they be “aware” of Social Media?

Content Marketing: Social Media

Thirteen tips for business on content marketing in the social media universe.

Content Marketing: The Website

Content marketing encompasses the entire message you send to the world. What are you saying?