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Does Sex Still Sell in Content Marketing?

Quirky content has the advantage over sexy content because it gets attention without trying too hard. It appeals not to the same reptilian part of the brain that responds to racy images; rather, bizarre content challenges the cerebral cortex to understand its strange message, making it a more effective choice for enhancing brand recall.

Are Spelling Errors Sabotaging Your Business?

Something so simple as one spelling mistake on your website can cost you half of your online sales. The reasons behind this dramatic statistic might surprise you. Read on to discover how damaging spelling and grammar problems can be for your business and to find our how you can fight back.

Harnessing Dread: The Role of Fear in Content Marketing

We all know that funny kitten videos are never going to have trouble getting likes and shares. But what if you want to create content that doesn’t just get shared? What if you want to create content that compels clients to act quickly? Today Turn the Page Online Marketing takes a hard look at why you should be scaring your audience.

Why Traditional Marketing Techniques are Turning Your Clients Off

The modern consumer is barraged with advertising on a daily basis. Industry experts estimate that most people are exposed to between 3000 and 5000 advertisements per day.

How does the brain react to the constant flood of messages asking them to try, to buy, to discover, to switch, to indulge, today?

It shuts down.

3 Ways Subconscious Cues Can Sway Consumer Decision Making

Innovative marketers are incorporating the findings of psychologists to create marketing campaigns that can reach consumers on a deeper and more effective level, a practice called neuromarketing. Sinister as it may seem, smart online marketers put aside any squeamishness about using subconscious messaging because they recognize its immense potential to steer customers toward a particular brand. When used judiciously, this type of online marketing can help increase the trust consumers have in your company.

3 Tips For Maintaining Your Passion While Business Is Slow

During June, many companies experience a drastic slump in the amount of business that they do. Restaurants find themselves losing out to backyard barbeques. Retail businesses notice that their clients are spending more time at the pool and less time browsing in their stores. Service based businesses suffer because their clients have left their homes for summer vacations. While this decline in traffic might seem like a great chance to take a breather and recharge, many business owners find themselves struggling to maintain a sense of passion for their business when customers aren’t buying.

Why Images Have a Place in Content Marketing

Using images as part of your content marketing strategy has its place in any well run campaign.

Our Online Marketing Predictions for 2013

What will happen to Online Marketing in 2013? Here is our take………………………

How Unique Should Content Be To Be Found?

Duplicate content can hurt your results in search engines. Be unique!

What’s In A Keyword?

Are you keyword savvy? Good use of keywords is essential to being found on the internet.