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Why Traditional Marketing Techniques are Turning Your Clients Off

The modern consumer is barraged with advertising on a daily basis. Industry experts estimate that most people are exposed to between 3000 and 5000 advertisements per day.

How does the brain react to the constant flood of messages asking them to try, to buy, to discover, to switch, to indulge, today?

It shuts down.

Content Development for Your Website

It is listed on all of your business cards. It is linked to your social media accounts. You include it in your email signature and give it out over the phone. It is your website, and it is one of the primary ways that consumers will initially interface with your business.

Free Topic Generators Aid Bloggers

If you’re a professional writer, chances are there’s a huge demand for you to produce lots of riveting writing topics every work day. As online bloggers, this is a pressure we can identify with all too well. We understand that sometimes the hardest part of our job is creating an exciting topic, not writing the […]

How Unique Should Content Be To Be Found?

Duplicate content can hurt your results in search engines. Be unique!

Your 2013 Online Marketing Plan Pt 3: Get In the Pool

Your social media efforts need attention in order to succeed.

Are You Content with your Content?

Consumers visit business websites because they have a problem, a question, a need of some kind and they hope you can help them. So your content needs to be accessible, understandable and useful or they’ll just boogie. If you deliver high-quality, relevant and valuable information to prospects and customers you can drive profitable consumer action.