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Use Evernote to Keep Your Business Organized

If disorganization was a common character trait among the biggest business men and women in the world, I’d have been the next Zuckerberg by now. But let’s face it, I’m just not organized enough and have a hard time getting a hold of what I actually need to do to prioritize business needs and wants. […]

Should Small & Midsize Business Be Spending More on Email?

Whether your business is strictly online or is a brick-and-mortar, email marketing is still a great way to promote your business. Is this being forgotten about? Let’s see… it’s simple, it’s quick.. it will help to stay in touch with customers.. why aren’t we all doing this more? Here are the reasons we believe your […]

Have You Considered Email Marketing?

Email can’t be dead – considering the benefits of email marketing.

Best Practices for Email Marketing

Even as an online marketer, I get annoyed at online marketing sometimes. Granted, I may be a little more picky than some since it’s sort of “my thing;” yet, I’ve learned a lot about Internet marketing, and especially email marketing, as my inbox has began to fill up over the years. Email Marketing It seems […]

Email – Marketing with Force

Email is very much part of our daily lives. So is email marketing. From the last post about this digital age you know; a recent Pew Research study showed that 92% of Americans use email and 60% said they used it daily. Email is an invaluable marketing tool for local business. It effectively stretches a […]