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Does More Info Mean Better Facebook Ad Reach?

Does a new study detailing just how much information Facebook users are giving away mean better reach for marketers? Or disaster?

Five, No Six, Ways To Improve Your Facebook Presence

Facebook for business can be a lot of things. It can be a pain, it can be a chore, or it can be a window into an entirely new way of doing business. How you handle it is up to you.

Social Media Guide for Business Part 2 of 5

If you’re new to Facebook Pages, here are a few tips for updating your business page status. A status update is a great way to get your information in front of customers.

Facebook Debuts Promoted Posts

Do Facebook’s new promoted posts work for your business? We have our doubts about this latest effort to make money which follows hard on the heels of a stalling IPO.

How To Care For Your Facebook Likes

Our previous post discussed the value (or lack of) that a “Like” can bring to a brand on Facebook. The Like generally meant more to the brand than it did to the “Liker” and didn’t bring the immediate brand loyalty a marketer hopes for.

A Facebook “Like” May Not Be Love

The relationship between a consumer and the “Like” button on a brand’s Facebook page is looking a bit like middle school to me. The Brand is the Geek and the Consumer is the Cool Kid. The Cool Kid “likes” many people and has a ton of encounters every day at their locker or in the hallways.

Social Media for Small Business: Facebook or Google+?

Diet Coke, Nike, Apple, Toyota and other big brands are jumping onto and engaging their audiences with Facebook and Google+. They are holding contests, having discussions in the G+ hangouts (the Muppet movie promotion was especially fun) and really using their social media platforms to increase brand awareness and ultimately make money.

Learning Facebook: Insights and Out

Very soon Facebook will be launching the new Page Insights, specifically designed for Page Owners who use Facebook as a marketing tool to measure the size and engagement of their audience. With the new Insights information easily accessible, Page Owners will be able to see how their posts, blogs, questions, ‘likes’ and fans affect the […]