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Introducing Google Glass

What is Project Glass? Project Glass was an effort for Google engineers to develop augmented reality glasses. An announcement was made on Google+ last April along with a demonstration video on YouTube displaying its possible uses. Google Glass is described as a wearable computer that actually weighs less than typical sunglasses. Different than a cell […]

Has SEO Left The Building?

SEO has changed and if you get in front of the curve your business can benefit.

Does Google + Your Small Business = Revenue?

As you contemplate your social media game plan for your small business you’ll need to begin to include Google+. Google is now claiming membership of 90 million humans and while the popular belief is that 89 million of them are Google employees it’s becoming apparent that the active membership is growing slowly but surely.

Guard Your Privates! Google’s At It Again!

When Google debuted way back in the Dark Ages of 1998 their motto was “Do no evil”. Now it seems it’s changed to “Bwaa aah aah aah!” as they continue to occupy more and more of the digital space.

Metamorphosis of SEO and Social

SEO is really no more, be gone and rest in peace. This passing though is more that of the caterpillar giving way to the butterfly. Since its beginning SEO never gave credence to social. SEO and SMO were two separate camps.

Don’t Play Hide and Seek With Your Website. Optimize it.

Some of my fondest childhood memories involve playing hide and seek on late summer evenings. We would gather all of the neighborhood kids as the sun began to set and play a great game of hiding and searching for one another in the dark. My parents chose wisely when they bought a house that backed […]

Google Me on the Web

We have heard for over a year now about the launch of a Google social platform. The name of choice for those pontificating on this subject is “Google Me” or even “Social Circles” has recently curried favor. Is it really coming in one big launch or is it a combination of smaller pieces that will […]

Google and One?

For those of you who have not heard yet, Google released a “+1″ capability within their search results. It provides the ability for a searcher to highlight a particular search result.