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Ranking Outside of your Physical Location on Google Places

For businesses without a storefront, local search can get tricky. Google wants to avoid a business appearing in search results if that business does not have a physical location in the city searched. They address this in the Google Places Quality Guidelines, where they disallow PO boxes and fake addresses. The only known exception to […]

Google + Local Takes Over Google Places

If you haven’t heard, we’ve recently said goodbye to Google Places and hello to Google Plus Local. At Turn the Page, we’ve anticipated this merge for months assuming that Google+ would become more relevant for local search. The time has come and we are busy making the most of these changes for our clients. Local […]

Why Images Have a Place in Content Marketing

Using images as part of your content marketing strategy has its place in any well run campaign.

6 SEO Techniques To Concentrate On In 2013 To Get Maximum Results

SEO is constantly changing and if you do it right your business will grow.

The Future Of Google+ For Business

What’s up with Google + for business?

Google + Zagat = Local Search Success?

Google announces Google + Local which adds the user-generated reviews from Zagat to the circles of Google +.

Google | Online Marketing Wild Wild West

Does Google know that we are not living in the Wild Wild West? I understand they want the “user” who is searching online to have the freedom of the range. But are they really benefiting searchers by penalizing business owners?  Google Places has grown in importance as a component of local search.  Some local businesses […]

Google making life easier

Google keeps making things easier and easier, take the new feature in Google Places. At first you could upload pictures but sometimes when you are establishing your places page you aren’t on the computer where your pictures are stored on, so at than you have to go back at a later time to insert pictures. […]

Go North

I don’t want to be really stereotypical and say that as a women I am HORRIBLE with directions. I do have the gift that if I have been somewhere once I can typically get back there no problem. But the first visit can take me a bit. So as a girl please don’t tell me […]

Local Search a Business Opportunity

Following on from our post on the mobilization of local search we want all local business owners to grasp the opportunity that has arrived. There is a mini revolution happening in online search. Its not only social media that is continuing to change the face of online marketing. The mobilization of potential customers is driving […]