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SEO is Changing

Even the most stoic SEO experts seem a little panicked by all the maneuvering Google has been making with its much vaunted index and algorithm combination.

Google gives another slap in the face to SEO – NOT PROVIDED

Around the same time that Google applied “Not Provided” to analytics they facilitated the addition of regular analytics into the paid search adwords reporting console. No matter what your viewpoint; the coincidences just keep mounting.

Google Search Introduces Social Results & the Knowledge Graph

It’s how you find the telephone number of your favorite pizza joint, it’s how you reconnect with long-lost relatives, it’s how you learn about things never taught in school textbooks — it’s Google Search. Google Search has revolutionized the way we access information, and they’ve just launched two tools that will make the information-seeking experience […]

Ranking Outside of your Physical Location on Google Places

For businesses without a storefront, local search can get tricky. Google wants to avoid a business appearing in search results if that business does not have a physical location in the city searched. They address this in the Google Places Quality Guidelines, where they disallow PO boxes and fake addresses. The only known exception to […]

Google Penguin 2.0 Is Only Weeks Away

Matt Cutts, the head of webspam at Google, has officially let the penguin out of the bag. Google will be rolling out Penguin 2.0 in just a few weeks. Now, many of you might be thinking, “Ummm shouldn’t this be Penguin version 3 .. 4 .. 50 or something like that?” I have to point […]

Is Google Losing Its Dominance?

It’s no secret that Google has been the dominating force behind how we search the internet for awhile now. We’ve used it for discovering new ideas, learning about what we’re interested in, how to get to where we’re going, what we want to buy, and even where we’re going to buy it. However, as history […]

Google Now- Now Available for iOS

Google Now- Google’s predictive search service- is now available to iPhone and iPad users. Google Now has been available for Android devices since last summer and has gone from its early stages to possibly shear genius since then. The way it has evolved in just the last year leads us to believe desktop users may […]