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Facebook – Graph Search a Level Playing Field

Facebook Search Graph could be a winner – the defining element of Search Graph is that people searching for the same thing will truly see different results.

Has SEO Left The Building?

SEO has changed and if you get in front of the curve your business can benefit.

Should Doctors Use Social Media to Attract Patients?

Advances in Medicine are common and Doctors always need to be aware of recent changes that benefit patients. Should they be “aware” of Social Media?

Google Knows When You’re Sleeping Etc

Well, today’s the day. March 1 is the day Google will combine everything about you but your DNA into one big ball of information. Their sixty plus privacy policies are now mostly just one that states basically, “we can follow you everywhere but the loo.” It isn’t the debut of personal information collection by any means, this is just a combining of differing privacy policies into one, more streamlined, statement. I wrote about it a few weeks ago after the initial announcement.

It is OK! No Panic, Facebook Fans…yet!

ComScore posted their latest Media Matrix ratings for last month and the popular social site, Facebook, showed a decline in unique visitors in December…about 14 million unique visitors behind Yahoo and down a total of eight million from the month before.

Metamorphosis of SEO and Social

SEO is really no more, be gone and rest in peace. This passing though is more that of the caterpillar giving way to the butterfly. Since its beginning SEO never gave credence to social. SEO and SMO were two separate camps.

Google Me on the Web

We have heard for over a year now about the launch of a Google social platform. The name of choice for those pontificating on this subject is “Google Me” or even “Social Circles” has recently curried favor. Is it really coming in one big launch or is it a combination of smaller pieces that will […]