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Ranking Outside of your Physical Location on Google Places

For businesses without a storefront, local search can get tricky. Google wants to avoid a business appearing in search results if that business does not have a physical location in the city searched. They address this in the Google Places Quality Guidelines, where they disallow PO boxes and fake addresses. The only known exception to […]

What’s In A Keyword?

Are you keyword savvy? Good use of keywords is essential to being found on the internet.

Your 2013 Online Marketing Plan Pt 1-Listings

After taking in four and a half years of data they found that there were over a quarter of a million visits from search engines vs about 3500 that came from their Yellow Pages ad.

Local Search Marketing for Law Firms

Local search should be a huge part of any small business marketing plan including Lawyers – Grow your business!

Google + Zagat = Local Search Success?

Google announces Google + Local which adds the user-generated reviews from Zagat to the circles of Google +.

What is Online Marketing? Part 1

At Turn The Page we get asked that question a lot………….. and it is essential for any business to understand this growing marketing channel. Here is a two part post giving a basic outline of online marketing.

Social Search….Kinda Like People Watching, but Online

If you stop to think about all of the posts, tweets, mentions, like, adds, +1s, uploads, shares, hashtags, and bamboozles an average person online these days makes in a lifetime, your head will spin.

Joining The Mobile Highway

If you have a cellphone the chances are pretty darn good that you have a smartphone with all kinds of stuff on it. Smartphone sales were up 63% from 2010 with almost 500 million sold in 2011. Interestingly these units were used less for making phone calls than any other task.

Search Engines: Beginners Guide – Part 1

It’s no secret; at Turn The Page Online Marketing, we are a bunch of nerds. We have a long standing rivalry of Apple vs Android. Our sales team has Stormtroopers. We communicate via Google chat, while sitting in the same room with each other. And I bet you right now, on a beautiful and sunny afternoon, I am not the only one sitting in front of a computer working. Or thinking about working.

Local Search Outline for Local Business

If you own a local business you are in front of a wonderful opportunity. Google and the other major search engines are migrating to local! The statistics are there for all to see.