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Social Search: Its not just about rank!

When I see search engine firms promise #1Rank in search results, I cringe. They are giving us all a bad name. Social search has made it difficult, if not impossible, to guarantee rank to any business. With search results so individualized, it is possible for two people to type in the same search term and […]

Why Optimize for Search?

Your business has a website and it looks great (or at least you think so). Customers say they like it as well. What is with this optimization thing? ¬†Why should I optimize my business website? It all starts with what you want your website to achieve. Local business websites generally fall into two categories: The […]

Google Me on the Web

We have heard for over a year now about the launch of a Google social platform. The name of choice for those pontificating on this subject is “Google Me” or even “Social Circles” has recently curried favor. Is it really coming in one big launch or is it a combination of smaller pieces that will […]

Go North

I don’t want to be really stereotypical and say that as a women I am HORRIBLE with directions. I do have the gift that if I have been somewhere once I can typically get back there no problem. But the first visit can take me a bit. So as a girl please don’t tell me […]

Local Search a Business Opportunity

Following on from our post on the mobilization of local search we want all local business owners to grasp the opportunity that has arrived. There is a mini revolution happening in online search. Its not only social media that is continuing to change the face of online marketing. The mobilization of potential customers is driving […]

Crafting Your Online Persona with Reviews

When I ask business owners how they acquire new customers, 99% say “word-of-mouth”. Some do no marketing at all and rely only on their customer to refer new clients. For some, this system worked for years, but with the innovation of smart phones, word-of-mouth has moved to the internet. Not only are more consumers turning […]

Search Localization

Google has been working on search localization for years. It has been a major priority for the search engine to promote local search results. Now it is producing results. The change is driven by the increasing consumer demand (mobile search) for something close by and familiar. For an increasing number of consumers there is a […]

Mobilizing Local Search

It is important for local business owners and executives to correctly position their business for local search. There is a rush to take advantage of the opening local search provides by bigger companies looking to charge money for positioning that is not always ideal.