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Do You Need A Mobile Website?

Responsive Design V Mobile
The internet is littered with advice about the choice between whether you should have a website with Responsive Design or choose a separate website designed specifically for mobile. It is a very confusing picture with Google seemingly changing its position from year to year.

Is Your Small Business Going Mobile?

The mobile space is wide open for small business. Are you in it?

3 Quick Tips on Mobile Search

Mobile search has grown by 400% since 2010 is your business in the middle of this growth?

The Facebook IPO-Got Your Checkbook?

Would you gladly pay me Tuesday for a Facebook share today?

12 Days of Google Christmas – Day 7 (Mobile Site Visits)

Mobile Site Visits BE CONNECTED! That’s the word on the street with all the opportunities to get the latest deal, updates, news, emails, directions and so much more with just a tap or swipe of your finger. Using a mobile phones to log online is in – and it’s here to stay. What are Mobile […]

Get Smart… Phone | Mobile Marketing

Before I get started, let me go ahead and put it all out there. I don’t have a smart phone… yet. I’ve not joined the ranks of the iPhone vs. Android war between Rob and Amy. But I hope to soon. And according to growing research showing that mobile phone use is on the rise, […]

Local Search a Business Opportunity

Following on from our post on the mobilization of local search we want all local business owners to grasp the opportunity that has arrived. There is a mini revolution happening in online search. Its not only social media that is continuing to change the face of online marketing. The mobilization of potential customers is driving […]

Search Localization

Google has been working on search localization for years. It has been a major priority for the search engine to promote local search results. Now it is producing results. The change is driven by the increasing consumer demand (mobile search) for something close by and familiar. For an increasing number of consumers there is a […]

Mobilizing Local Search

It is important for local business owners and executives to correctly position their business for local search. There is a rush to take advantage of the opening local search provides by bigger companies looking to charge money for positioning that is not always ideal.