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Are Reviews Killing ServiceMagic’s Rebranding?

As ServiceMagic moves forward with its’ re-branding to HomeAdvisor.Com; I am struck by the futility of re-branding for an online company, or, any company for that matter.

Does More Info Mean Better Facebook Ad Reach?

Does a new study detailing just how much information Facebook users are giving away mean better reach for marketers? Or disaster?

Iowa State students investigated for threatening tweets

We are going to mark this down as for an example of how to not use Twitter. One of the local sports teams in our area, the University of Kansas, played in a basketball game Monday night against Iowa State. The game was controversial for several reasons: the officiating and one of the players on […]

Handling Negative Comments in Social Media

As a small business owner you are likely chief, cook and bottle washer. Adding social media maven to your job titles probably seems like a headache but, like it or not, if you have a product or service that people use then people are going to talk about you for good or bad.