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Tailoring Your Marketing Strategy to the Pinterest Demographic

According to the latest tally, there are 70 million users on Pinterest. If you want your business to do well on Pinterest, your marketing strategy needs to include specifically targeting the types of people most commonly found on the site.

Pinterest: A Powerful Influencer in Marketing

Not only is Pinterest gaining ground as a social media marketing site, it serves as inspiration for its users by giving them a place to share ideas, recipes, and photos.

Pinterest Introduces Analytics Tool

On Monday night, Pinterest announced that web analytics for your Pinterest site are now available. These analytics will provide more insight into page activity and the interaction being done with images and boards. We believe Pinterest is paving the way for greater business participation. How to Receive Pinterest Analytics Anyone with a verified Pinterest account […]

Should Small Business Have a Pinterest Interest?

You may have heard of the latest social media must have. It is called Pinterest and it describes itself as an online “pinboard” to organize and share things you love, need, want, or just plain like looking at.