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Online Marketing for Small Business: What is SEO Anyway?

You will hear a lot of talk about SEO on our blog because we’re online marketing aficionados. This stuff is not just our job — it is our passion. It is what we think about at night. It is the topic that occupies a piece of our minds day in, day out, like a continuously-running ticker tape — What will change next in the world of SEO? How can we adapt our practices to anticipate these changes? How can we adjust SEO strategies to generate the best results for our clients?

In all the flurry of SEO-related thoughts that fly through our brains, we sometimes forget to take a step back and consider SEO from the standpoint of a small business owner. Though well-versed in their respective industries — whether they be lawn and garden experts, health club owners, or attorneys — a small business owner will not know the ins and outs of SEO like we do.

Do You Need A Mobile Website?

Responsive Design V Mobile
The internet is littered with advice about the choice between whether you should have a website with Responsive Design or choose a separate website designed specifically for mobile. It is a very confusing picture with Google seemingly changing its position from year to year.

Taking Advantage of Google Authorship

If you’re not using Google Authorship to help your website get more traffic from Google, maybe it’s time you took a closer look. Google Authorship made its debut at the end of 2011 and since then we’ve seen an increasing number of established bloggers and companies embracing its benefits. Let’s take a look at Authorship […]

Should Doctors Use Social Media to Attract Patients?

Advances in Medicine are common and Doctors always need to be aware of recent changes that benefit patients. Should they be “aware” of Social Media?

Share Your Blog With The Socialverse

Sharing your blog on social media sites is a great way to get your business noticed.

How To Use SEOs For SEO

Understanding SEO can help you be found in search queries. Making sure you have the right SEO will really help your business.

Online Marketing Part 2 of 2

Online Marketing is critical to the success of any business in today’s digital world. This is the second part of our post on why Online Marketing is critical to your business.

What is Online Marketing? Part 1

At Turn The Page we get asked that question a lot………….. and it is essential for any business to understand this growing marketing channel. Here is a two part post giving a basic outline of online marketing.

Will Facebook Conquer Search?

Facebook just passed the 900 million user marker and year-on-year revenue nearly doubled, the company said, soaring to $3.7 billion over the whole of 2011.

Search Engines: Beginners Guide – Part 2

Software robots called ‘spiders’ browse through millions and millions of web sites and pages and index important words and where they find these words. The next step in the process is building the index…or spiderweb if you really want to go with the spider thing. I don’t, so we’ll stay on track.