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Has SEO Left The Building?

SEO has changed and if you get in front of the curve your business can benefit.

Social Search….Kinda Like People Watching, but Online

If you stop to think about all of the posts, tweets, mentions, like, adds, +1s, uploads, shares, hashtags, and bamboozles an average person online these days makes in a lifetime, your head will spin.

Focus On The User Puts The Focus On Google Search

So you’re walking down the street and you ask a nice lady for directions to a local coffee shop. She says to you, “If you go one block and turn right you’ll find the Starbucks. Have a nice day.”

Does Google + Your Small Business = Revenue?

As you contemplate your social media game plan for your small business you’ll need to begin to include Google+. Google is now claiming membership of 90 million humans and while the popular belief is that 89 million of them are Google employees it’s becoming apparent that the active membership is growing slowly but surely.