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Don’t be a Business Grinch this Year

Okay, wait. Wasn’t our Freaky Halloween party just yesterday? Well apparently the holidays are now upon us and in full-force and we all know this is the ideal opportunity for companies to increase their business. We’ve got some unconventional ideas to get customers engaged and keep them coming through the door.

It’s Time for Online Marketing Spring Cleaning

It was official as of March 20, but with the weather finally cooperating and bringing warm temperatures, it now feels real: it is spring, which means it is time for spring cleaning.

Sure, this should include tidying up your home and even brightening up your office, but when it comes to small businesses, spring cleaning must also entail examining and adjusting your online marketing strategy.

Pinterest: A Powerful Influencer in Marketing

Not only is Pinterest gaining ground as a social media marketing site, it serves as inspiration for its users by giving them a place to share ideas, recipes, and photos.

Social Marketing: Benefits of Facebook

From its paid advertisements to its company pages, Facebook offers businesses of all types the exposure that they need to succeed.

B2B Social Media: How Your Company Can Leverage Social Sites

When you think of social media campaigns conducted by businesses, chances are your mind first goes to business to customer or B2C ones rather than business to business or B2B social media campaigns.

While B2B social media campaigns may not be as widespread or high-profile as their B2C counterparts, when leveraged properly they can be instrumental in the success of a B2B endeavor, moving B2B pitches from face-to-face local encounters to global social conversations. Here are some tips your company should use for the most effective B2B social media campaigns.

Social Media Tools: Automation Dos & Don’ts

Today, we live in a world where social media dominates the communication sphere. That is a fact, plain and simple. Because of this cultural shift, a number of social media tools have been developed, making the lives of social media marketers much easier. Used correctly, these social media tools can be very effective and have […]

Social Media and the Job Hunt

Does anyone even look in the newspaper for jobs anymore? Searching through social media for jobs is one of the most common ways the unemployed look for work. Employers are posting openings on LinkedIn, tweeting about positions and recruiting on Facebook. If you find a job opening online, chances are your future employer will also […]

Tweeting a Brighter Future

In a recent post, we applauded Pepsi’s innovative vending machine that dispenses beverages in exchange for Likes.  What’s cooler than this, though?  It wasn’t easy to find a worthy competitor, but we stumbled across something that’s just as awesome. Social media fans, meet ”Hundreds and Thousands,”  the LED tunnel fueled by tweets. Our friends Down Under at […]

#Facebook now with #Hashtags

This week, Facebook began rolling out hashtag use for users to search and tag.  If you’re a regular to Facebook, you’ve probably noticed many people have already been using hashtags. It’s likely they’ve developed a habit from posting to Twitter and Instagram. But anyone on this social network can now use hashtags- and they’ll work. These […]

Social Media in Vending Machines?

Last week, Pepsi launched a very interesting approach to expanding their social media campaign. Instead of cash, their new vending machine accepts Likes. Pepsi teamed up with TBWA Belgium to create this interactive new vending machine which made its first debut at a Beyonce concert. Launched in Antwerp, Belgium, the Pepsi Like Machine dispenses a […]