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Using Twitter for Business

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest aren’t just for personal use anymore. Smart business owners are now also using these social media sites to gain an advantage over their competition. Are you unsure whether your business should be on Twitter or not? Consider these five benefits that Twitter can bring your business.

Twitter Makes Tweets Measurable

Twitter has added Twitter Analytics to its suite of products for business. There are a number of things you can measure: Twitter Timeline, Twitter Followers & Website Traffic.

Twitter Makes Its Debut to the Public

Just yesterday Twitter tweeted that it is going public. Twitter has taken the first step in becoming open to public investors. To keep up on the latest Twitter and social media-related news, tune into the Turn the Page Online Marketing blog.

Social Media and the Job Hunt

Does anyone even look in the newspaper for jobs anymore? Searching through social media for jobs is one of the most common ways the unemployed look for work. Employers are posting openings on LinkedIn, tweeting about positions and recruiting on Facebook. If you find a job opening online, chances are your future employer will also […]

Tweeting a Brighter Future

In a recent post, we applauded Pepsi’s innovative vending machine that dispenses beverages in exchange for Likes.  What’s cooler than this, though?  It wasn’t easy to find a worthy competitor, but we stumbled across something that’s just as awesome. Social media fans, meet ”Hundreds and Thousands,”  the LED tunnel fueled by tweets. Our friends Down Under at […]

#Facebook now with #Hashtags

This week, Facebook began rolling out hashtag use for users to search and tag.  If you’re a regular to Facebook, you’ve probably noticed many people have already been using hashtags. It’s likely they’ve developed a habit from posting to Twitter and Instagram. But anyone on this social network can now use hashtags- and they’ll work. These […]

Social Media Marketing for Twitter InfoGraphic

With over 100 million internet users already on Twitter and 1 million new users signing up to the social network every day, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that your business needs to jump on the twitterwagon. So, you create your account, you’re excited to make your first official “tweet”, and then […]

Do Tweets Impact Business Decision Makers?

Businesses have captured Twitter’s power and used it to reach the consumer. Thousands of consumers are influenced by marketing efforts using tweets. But how does the modern B2B marketer use Twitter to influence business decision makers? Compete and Twitter Advertising recently set out to answer this question. The results of their study show that B2B […]

Will Catholics Follow The New @pontifex?

Will the new pontiff take advantage of the global reach of social media?

Iowa State students investigated for threatening tweets

We are going to mark this down as for an example of how to not use Twitter. One of the local sports teams in our area, the University of Kansas, played in a basketball game Monday night against Iowa State. The game was controversial for several reasons: the officiating and one of the players on […]