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When Is It Time To Get A New Website?

As we have said before, your website can be the most valuable asset in your business marketing toolkit — but that is only if it is a website to be proud of.

You would never use the same print ad or commercial for years on end. Nor would you employ the same sales tactics as your industry evolves or more competitors arrive on the scene. Just like other aspects of your small business need to be monitored and adjusted as time goes on, so does your website. And we are not just talking about website optimization — we also mean creating an entirely new website when that is called for.

Website Hosting: How to Get a Sweet Bite of the Action

Website hosting services allow you to get a slice of the big, juicy apple that is the Internet. However, how big of a hunk or how sweet of a bite you get is dependent on the website hosting company you choose. When it comes to website hosting, not all pieces of the apple are sliced equally.