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The online marketing world is fast-paced and always changing. Stay up-to-date with our online marketing tips.


Consider this not a good day to get on my nerves, but I just got a cold call, AGAIN, from another guy wanting to put us on the first page with a google search, yada, yada, yada. Claimed we didn't . . .

Jennifer Raffety - Prestige One Landscaping

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Does Sex Still Sell in Content Marketing?

Quirky content has the advantage over sexy content because it gets attention without trying too hard. It appeals not to the same reptilian part of the brain that responds to racy images; rather, bizarre content challenges the cerebral cortex to understand . . .

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Cursor Icon Business Management Tools

At Turn The Page Online Marketing, we don't just build websites, we build solutions. While the front, consumer side of your website should be aimed at converting more sales, many business owners don't realize that they could be managing their business on the "back side" of their website. By implementing a private, secure section to your website, we can build business management tools that will help you in the day-to-day operations.

Customer Business Management Tools

Are you still keeping all of your client information in your Outlook, or worse yet a Rolodex (do they still make those)? We can help you manage your customer base with tools on the administrative side of your website. We can even build a special section of your website that only your clients can access via user name and password. 


If you have employees, then an Intranet may the best thing to put in a protected area of your website. An employee intranet helps you easily share information with your employees such as handbooks, employee forms, documentation, or training materials. The best part is that you don't need any special software on yor computer to achieve this -- you can do it all right within your website with business management tools.

Private Customer Information

Do your customers need access to information that you don't want the general public to see? With a protected area of your website you can allow your customers to login and access information that is specific to their company (or to all customers in general). You can even personalize the information that each client sees. 

The Sky Is The Limit

When it comes to business management tools, we can really help you achieve just about anything. We've given you just a few examples above, but we have clients that are using our business management tools to run their whole business right from the comfort of their website. And because security is really important to us, we ensure that your information is safe and secure. We love to dream with our customers about how we can help them harness technology to run their business more efficiently. Give us a call today and let us dream with you!