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Consider this not a good day to get on my nerves, but I just got a cold call, AGAIN, from another guy wanting to put us on the first page with a google search, yada, yada, yada. Claimed we didn't . . .

Jennifer Raffety - Prestige One Landscaping

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Put the "Happy" Back in Your Employees' Holidays

'Tis the season where we're all wishing each other "Happy Holidays" and spreading good cheer, but are you doing everything you can to ensure that your employees actually are happy? Work environment can be a major factor in employee satisfaction and . . .

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Millions of US consumers and businesses use the internet to research and make buying decisions about products and services online.  The growing online search traffic provides an opportunity for businesses of all types to improve their results.  Most Business Owners and CEO's realize they need an online presence; they are just not certain of the right solution to achieve their marketing goals. Turn The Page Online Marketing is uniquely positioned to provide the right solution for a business looking to grow.   We have skilled and experienced web developers who work in concert with our Online Marketing experts. At Turn The Page, we focus our online marketing skills on providing results for our business partners; we can even help developing franchises with Online Marketing strategy. We provide solutions across the entire spectrum of Online Marketing channels which produce results not rankings.  

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Optimization Services | Online Marketing

Our ongoing optimization is designed to devlop leads, sales and brand awareness.  Our experienced staff are committed to providing natural organic optimization that maximizes our clients online presence to produce results. Turn The Page develops a strategic growth plan in line with small business growth and brand goals. We do not have long term contracts. Our results speak for themselves.  Personal and dedicated attention allows us to provide a level of service and interaction other online marketing companies can't match. Turn The Page is committed to our clients success and we will not work with competing businesses in the same area.  Turn The Page uses online marketing to place our small business clients in a dominating position within their geographic territory for their specific industry. 

Local, Mobile and Social Search

Advances in mobile technology and global positioning have changed the landscape of online marketing.  Online marketing has shifted to emphasize the location along with the relevance of the result. Optimization of a small business local presence is important.  Recently, Search Engines have started adding a Social component to online search which operates in tandem with the local and mobile channels.  Turn The Page is not just an SEO company, but we optimize for our small business clients in all the necessary online marketing channels to ensure results not rankings.

Content Marketing

Unique and relevant content is another area of Online Marketing that has grown in significance for the growth of businesses.  Whether it is blogs, articles, website content or press releases unique and relevant content is critical to online marketing success.  Turn The Page has staff writers who generate real content with genuine client focus that maximizes results.

Website Development

Our Website development team is stacked with skill and experience.  Turn The Page provides outstanding aesthetic designs which are complimented by a technical specification that maximizes leads, sales and brand awareness.  A good web developer doesn't just produce a quality visual design, but they produce a robust structure which compliments online marketing strategies. Turn The Page provides a range of website types which provide the ideal solution for any small business' needs.

Wordpress Websites

At Turn The Page we recommend WordPress as a cost effective and robust solution for most website applications.  WordPress is one of the most popular and robust website tools available. It is also a powerful Content Management System (CMS).  This provides an easy method for changing the content of a website without the need for programming knowledge.  These inherent qualities make WordPress a good choice for businesses that have a comprehensive online marketing strategy.  There are 4 different levels of WordPress Websites available from Turn The Page.  All have different features and options in a range that fits any budget.  Turn The Page builds the website to suit your design preference and configures it perfectly for use with online marketing for your business.

Custom Websites

Our approach to custom web development begins with putting ourselves in our clients shoes and understanding the business needs. Custom Websites are not a “one size fits all” creation, and we believe that each client has unique needs. Our robust and responsive designs showcase the unique image and style of our clients. At Turn The Page, we’re more than web developers and graphic artists. We’re professional online marketers who bring years of corporate marketing experience to the table. For over a decade, we’ve worked with corporations on their overall branding solutions. This experience is what goes into our creative designs and solid back-end technology. 

E-Commerce Websites

Today’s consumers log online more and more to research and purchase products. In the growing online marketplace, it is very important that your business have a secure e-commerce website that protects both you and your customers. Increase your customer base by expanding to an online store.  Turn The Page has the experience required to ensure that a customer's experience with your store is easy and more importantly, secure. Our online stores include extensive discount features, multiple images per product, images for items in the cart, flexible shipping options, dynamic search, and much more.

Online Business Management Solutions

Turn The Page provides custom websites providing comprehensive  business management solutions to commercial clients.  These solutions automate and streamline our clients business processes efficiently and effectively.  Our business management websites work the way people work allowing you to focus on growing your business not work in it.

Social Media with a Plan

You can't just "do" social media, you need a plan. We will show you how to set up your social media and create successful online marketing strategies for growing your small business. With the constant barrage of attention on social media, everyone knows they have to be on it or risk being left behind. Just because someone knows how to make a Facebook page does not mean they can craft a social media strategy for your business. We will develop your understanding of social media so you know who and what you are dealing with to be successful.

Measuring Real Results

There is not a lot of point in measuring visitors to a website if you don't know the conversion rate. So many online marketing companies want to sell you statistics that ultimately mean nothing to your business. At Turn The Page we measure and report the business metrics that mean results and growth for your business.


Free Online Visibility Analysis.
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Online Marketing Training

Our Online Marketing Training modules not only provide a working knowledge of how to complete a lot of the tasks necessary to have a strong internet presence but also an understanding of the specific areas of online marketing where most mistakes are made by local business.


For more information about what internet marketing is, and why you should be doing it. Check out the following resources.