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The online marketing world is fast-paced and always changing. Stay up-to-date with our online marketing tips.


We have a great lead from our website! The Delahunt Group is a real opportunity for us. Thanks for staying on top of our account!

Mark G. Worster

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It's Time for Online Marketing Spring Cleaning

It was official as of March 20, but with the weather finally cooperating and bringing warm temperatures, it now feels real: it is spring, which means it is time for spring cleaning. Sure, this should include tidying up your home and even . . .

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Cursor Icon Other Social Media Platforms

Social Media platforms present business opportunities in a wide variety of ways.  A diverse yet targeted social presence will help build a business and brand presence across the internet.  Social Media really has somthing for everyone and obviously there are too many platforms to list here.  Social Media for business should be specific to a brand and the strategy carefully lined out before making the leap.  Choosing the right platforms to spread your message is important.

Pinterest for Business

Now you can join Pinterest as a business.  Pinterest even allows you to convert your existing account; something other platforms were slow to develop.  Pinterest is an engagment platform that is often referred to as a virtual pinboard.  Pinterest allows you to share anything you come across on the internet. Done properly a Pinterest account can provide substantial benefits to the right business.

Foursquare for Business

Foursquare is a phone App and a website that connects people to your business.  It proivdes a simple way for friends and aquaintances to find and recommend a variety of business types.  It is based on a checkin model allowing unplanned meetings and interaction.  Foursquare provide free tools which allows business members to reward loyal customers.  These rewards maintain consistent engagement over time.