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Consider this not a good day to get on my nerves, but I just got a cold call, AGAIN, from another guy wanting to put us on the first page with a google search, yada, yada, yada. Claimed we didn't . . .

Jennifer Raffety - Prestige One Landscaping

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Why You Need a Birthday Email Marketing Campaign

Smart email marketers understand the unique opportunity that the psychological effect of birthdays can have on current or potential clients and look for ways that their business can benefit from a calculated birthday email marketing campaign.

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Cursor Icon WordPress Website Design

The purpose of a website is to help you grow your business or organization. It doesn't take a huge investment to get started down the right path. At Turn The Page, we offer affordable Wordpress website design solutions for companies -- We create sites to help you boost your business.

You want results. Here are the details to help you make an informed decision as you prepare for a new website that brings those improved business results:

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source platform (meaning free for everyone to use and contribute to) that allows you to manage and control your website in an easy-to-use fashion. All WordPress sites have a built-in blog service. WordPress really started out as a blogging tool and has become more advanced since that time. Best of all, WordPress has a built in CMS (Content Management System) that allows you to update the content of your website whenever it is most convenient for you.

What Are My Options?

We offer three levels of WordPress website design, from a very basic site with up to 15 pages of content, to a custom WordPress site with advanced tools, unlimited number of pages and custom programming to help you achieve your website goals and dreams.

The Process

  1. We first set up a design consultation to discuss your goals and style, along with everything you hope to achieve with your website.
  2. We then send a wireframe to get a general feel of the layout of the site as well as a menu structure for your approval of the pages the site will contain.
  3. Once we have completed building your site, including writing content, if necessary, we present your site to you for review and testing.
  4. Lastly, our Wordpress website design may be complex, so we ensure that you are trained on how to use your new website. That way you can use all the bells and whistles we have built into the site. 

All of our WordPress sites are built for maximum security and we ensure that your site contains all the tools you need for analyzing your web traffic and optimizing your site for the search engines. 

Ready to start developing a WordPress website for your Kansas City-area business or organization?

Call Turn The Page today to see how we can start working on a custom site for you.